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Digital Arts

  • 2017 SEmmy Awards

    SPC's SEmmy Awards is an annual competition where SPC students and Pinellas County High School Students compete in categories like videography, graphic arts, music, web page design, multimedia and video game development. Learn more about this annual competition and apply online by March 10, 2017.

  • SPC digital arts graduate starts filmmaking career in Los Angeles

    Two years ago, Blair Skinner, graduated from SPC with an A.A. degree focused on digital arts and video production. Today, she is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. She credits SPC’s quality academics and the experience she earned while interning with NBC for:

    • News Channel 8, Tampa
    • Last Call with Carson Daly, Los Angeles

    Watch her story on YouTube.

    Want to be on the cutting edge?

    Digital arts and media technologies have changed how we learn, entertain ourselves and interact with one another. SPC's Digital Arts, Media and Interactive Web Design classes prepare students for careers in:

    • Digital media
    • Filmmaking
    • Video production
    • Interactive and educational media production

    The program was created in collaboration with the Interactive Media Technology Project consortium. Graduates leave with an industry-standard digital portfolio.

    Whether you are just starting your education or want to broaden your design and computer skills, our flexible program offers the following as Certificates or subplans of our Associate in Science degree in Digital Arts, Media and Interactive Web Design:

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