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Experiential Learning Program

  • Talk to an AdvisorThrough the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) you can earn college credits based on the knowledge you have acquired through life experiences. The program is designed to help you demonstrate knowledge as it relates to a specific college-level course. There is no application fee for SPC students and a minimal fee for credit evaluations.

    InformationBefore completing an ELP application, all official transcripts from other institutions must be evaluated and posted on your SPC student records. You cannot be currently enrolled in any course that you intend to earn credit for.
    NOTE: Applications are not processed during the first two weeks or last two weeks of any term or during the college's winter break.

    Steps in the Experiential Learning Program

    1. Identify specific courses you would like to earn credit for. (NOTE: Some HEC courses  are not eligible for ELP credit.) Review your degree progress report in MySPC and/or contact an academic advisor to clarify your program requirements.
    2. Complete the ELP application.
    3. A designated SPC instructor will interview you to determine if an assessment will be performed.
    4. Submit any required documentation for the assessment and pay the ELP fee of $25 per credit hour.
    5. The instructor evaluates the materials and determines if credit will be awarded.
    6. A notification is sent to you of the assessment outcome.