Attending the Commencement Ceremony



Students who graduate in summer, may attend fall 2019 commencement ceremony. Details will be available in September 2019


Commencement is the formal celebration of the degree or certificate you are to receive. Since SPC holds the commencement ceremony prior to degrees being verified, students are considered a candidate for graduation. Participation in the ceremony does not imply or suggest you have met all graduation requirements.

Students who are candidates for spring are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students who will be graduating in the summer may participate in the spring or the fall ceremony since we will not have a summer commencement ceremony.

Please review your personalized advising report in MySPC, by clicking on ‘View My Advisement Report' to determine if you will graduate at the end of spring term.

If you have any questions about graduation requirements, contact an advisor who can perform a graduation check with you to determine if you are eligible to graduate.
All communication regarding graduation and commencement will be sent to your MySPC email account, therefore; be sure to check it frequently for updates.

Spring 2019 Commencement Information

To participate in the ceremony you must register to attend the event.

For Spring candidates, complete the registration form to indicate:

  • If you want your name published in the program.
  • The name you want on your diploma.
  • The address where you want your diploma mailed.

For Summer candidates, complete the registration form to indicate:

  • If you will be participating in the spring commencement program.
  • If you want your name published in the program.

 You may also register from your MySPC account:

  1. Log in to MySPC 
  2. Choose My Learning Plan, from the top navigation
  3. Choose Commencement Registration

When you register for the commencement, an email will be sent to your MySPC account to confirm your registration.

You will receive an email the last week before the commencement ceremony as a reminder and with further information about attending the ceremony.

If you have any questions you many send an email to

Spring 2019 Commencement Deadline

The deadline to have your name in the commencement program is Friday, April 5, 2019. If you miss the deadline, you can still participate in the ceremony but will NOT see your name in the program.

The commencement program is printed prior to the recording of grades for the term. For commencement program purposes only, it is necessary to identify honors designations for graduation candidates based on their all-college cumulative grade point average at the beginning of the term.

You will not receive a diploma at the commencement ceremony. Degrees are awarded after all graduation requirements are certified. 

Admissions and Records certifies your graduation after final grades are verified. Your degree becomes official when it is annotated on your transcript and not by your participation in commencement exercises.

After all graduation requirements are verified and the degree conferred, expect to receive your diploma by the end of June 2019. If you have further questions about your diploma contact us at