Testing for SPC Distance Students


Testing options at a distance 

CPT (PERT) course placement for reading, writing and math courses

Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP) course placement if you do not pass the PERT Reading, referred to test by the Center for International Programs or the International Language Institute)

Basic Computer and Information Literacy Exam CGS 1070 -This exam allows students who score a 210 or higher to earn a “P” for the CGS 1070 course credit.

College Level Math Test- Accuplacer College Level Math subtest score is required to determine eligibility for higher math placement with scores between 123-150.

If you live outside of Pinellas County and can’t come to SPC for the College Placement Test (CPT) or online proctored exams, you can arrange to take your exam elsewhere under the supervision of an approved proctor. An approved proctor is someone authorized by SPC to administer the exam.

SPC Distance students taking a proctored placement test, including CPT, LOEP, Basic Computer and Information Literacy Exam (CGS 1070) or the College Level Math Test:

  1. Complete a Designating a Proctor Form 

SPC Distance Students taking proctored midterms and final exams:

  1. Review Proctored Testing Information.
  2. Complete a Designating a Proctor Form 

If you need any assistance with testing arrangements or have questions, please contact us at 727-394-6006 or email DistanceTesting@spcollege.edu   

NOTE: If you are a SPC distance student and need to take any of the following exams please contact an advisor before filling out a Distance Test Proctor Request Form to test at a center outside of the SPC area.
It is important you designate a proctor and select only the test(s) you need to take to avoid additional proctoring fees and delays in your testing arrangements and course registration.