Paying for your Barnes & Noble College textbooks


After you have finalized your shopping cart selection on and are ready to place your order, you will be asked to either sign in, create an account or use a guest account. You will need to provide a phone number and email address where Barnes & Noble can contact you if needed. 

Types of payment

You can choose to pay by credit card, gift card, financial aid Book Line of Credit or textbook credit or coupon.

Online payment

paymentWhen you place your online order for course materials, your current financial aid balance will not be displayed. The bookstore will process payment charges after your order is filled. If your financial aid and/or textbook credit do not cover the cost of your order, you will receive an email at the email address you provided to Barnes & Noble alerting you of a payment issue.

Book payments are applied in this order:

  1. SPC textbook credit
  2. Veterans benefits
  3. Book Line of Credit

Used book option

If you choose the used book preference, every effort will be made to fill the order. If, however, a used book is not available, the order will be filled with a new book.

money iconDuring the checkout process, Barnes & Noble estimates the final pricing based on new prices, to ensure customers understand the highest potential price for their order.