Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is an enrichment of college studies with specially designed courses and engaging curriculum open only to qualified students. The Honors Program provides an approach to education in small classes based on active learning and critical engagement. Honors Program courses allow you to associate and interact with like-minded students.

Are honors students required to study abroad?

No, although we strongly encourage you to take advantage of all academic opportunities, including study abroad.  These experiences often contribute to the development of wonderful honors projects and satisfy our honors curriculum and requirements! To this end, we have established opportunities for Honors Program members to receive International Study Abroad scholarships.

Can I continue Honors Program membership after transferring to one of SPC’s four-year programs?

Yes, there are special opportunities for you to continue your Honors Program membership while you are in a bachelor’s program. This includes independent research as well as service learning and community leadership.

Do honors students have the same general education requirements as other students?

Yes. Honors students are not required to take more courses, and most Honors courses will fulfill general education requirements.

Do honors classes cost more?

No. Honors courses cost the same per credit hour as regular classes. Students may be eligible for Honors Program Scholarships.

How are students selected for the Honors Program?

How do I identify an honors course?

Honors courses can be identified as follows: an "H" after the section number, as in ENC 1102H Composition II.

Since I am in the Honors Program, do I automatically become a member of PTK?

For more information about PTK, please contact your campus student Life and Leadership coordinator. Phi Theta Kappa members are encouraged to apply to the Honors Program, they are not automatically guaranteed membership, and vice versa.

What are the Honors Program admissions requirements for current and transfer students?

You must have a grade point average of at least 3.25 in all college-level coursework (including transfer credits) and 12 credits hours or more of college coursework and be qualified for college level coursework in reading, writing and math.

What are the benefits of the Honors Program?

As an Honors Program student, you are provided a variety benefits including:

  • Early registration
  • Challenging coursework designed to sharpen critical thinking and analytical skills 
  • Transcript designation of Honors academic credits
  • Unique scholarship opportunities
  • International study scholarships (Study Abroad)
  • Special meeting, study and recreation areas

For more information, please contact the SPC Honors Program.

What do I need to do to make sure I get full honors recognition when I apply for graduation?

The Honors Certificate:
  • Successful completion of Honors Seminar I (non-credit)
  • Successful completion of Honors Seminar II (non-credit)
  • Successful completion of a total of 16 Honors credit hours
  • Successful completion of the Honors e-portfolio
  • A GPA of 3.25 or above
The Honors Diploma:
  • Successful completion of Honors Seminar I (non-credit)
  • Successful completion of Honors Seminar II (non-credit)
  • Successful completion of a total of 22 Honors credit hours
  • Successful completion of the Honors e-portfolio
  • A GPA of 3.5 or above

What other opportunities does the Honors Program offer?

In addition to engaging classes with motivated students and outstanding professors, the Honors Program provides a variety of benefits including scholarships, community involvement through service learning, special opportunities to attend national, regional, and state conferences as well as cultural events on- and off-campus.

What if my GPA drops below 3.25?

If your GPA drops below 3.25, you will be put on probation until it is raised. If your GPA remains low for another semester, you will be dismissed from the Honors Program.

When are scholarship decisions made?

The Honors Program scholarship committee meets twice a year to review the new and continuing members and award scholarships.

When will I receive my scholarship funds?

All financial aid is administered after the last drop/add day of the session. If you have questions about how your scholarship will be awarded, you can contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Assistance, (727)791-2486.

Who advises honors students?

There are Honors advisors at each campus. In addition, you can meet with the Honors Director for additional Honors advising.