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Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA)

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  • Our Music Technology courses are offered as part of the MIRA Associate in Science degree.
  • Become an arts and entertainment technology expert

    Our certificate and A.S. degree programs help students develop “real world” skills that artists need to thrive in a diverse and competitive music industry. We offer a well-rounded, technology-based educational experience to student musicians, composers, producers, DJs, live-sound reinforcement enthusiasts, broadcast audio engineers, and post-production technologists. Our programs emphasize creative processes, technical training, business practices and entrepreneurial skills in a collaborative environment.

    Industry partners

    MIRA has built a rich array of learning partners in the industry that connect manufacturers to students and faculty to provide:

    • Essential software and hardware
    • Testing ground for new products
    • Internship opportunities
    • Certification plans
    • Cooperative training tracks
  • The MIRA Associate in Science degree offers a well-rounded, technology-based education to student musicians, composers, producers, DJs, live-sound reinforcement enthusiasts, broadcast audio engineers and post-production technologists.

    Our Audio Technology Certificate gives you three options for concentration.

    The A.S. program consists of three key elements:

    1. General Education Requirements
    2. Core Music Technology curriculum
    3. Subplans or Specialty Tracks geared toward the student's career plan objectives

    Each subplan compliments the Core Technology curriculum and is based on three established career paths in the music and entertainment field. These tracks represent the most desired disciplines within the arts & entertainment technology realm and provide students the highest quality educational experience available.

    While these are distinct paths, each subplan track intersects with the others so that all participants interact and cooperate with contrasting specialties. This collaboration will simulate “real-world” situations for artists. Students will gain a working portfolio that can be used to further his or her career.

    Subplans and suggestions for course progression include:

    • Production  
    • Artist with Composition Focus 
    • Artist with Performance Focus 
  • Training entertainment industry professionals for a growing market

    While growth in other industries has slowed, the entertainment industry continues to expand and evolve. Our programs can prepare you for the following careers:

    Employment opportunities exist in: 

    • Music industry
    • Recording studios
    • Touring technology
    • Radio and television broadcasting
    • Concert venues
    • Film industry

    Career Research Links

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    • My Career Shines - Plan your future with MyCareerShines from the Florida Department of Education
    • SPC Career Pathways - A partnership between SPC and the Pinellas County School Board that gives high school students free college credit for high school and technical programs.

    By the numbers

    • Occupational Outlook Handbook – Job profiles covering hundreds of occupations from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • Career One Stop - Tools for job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals from the U.S. Department of Labor
    • What People Are Asking - Florida job and wage data for specific areas from Florida's Labor Market Statistics Center
  • The St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus has fully loaded, multi-faceted audio production suites geared toward the aspiring music professional, no matter what their specialized line of study.

    LabStudio A: Mr. MIRA

    This studio is used primarily for music recording and has the capability to record medium size ensembles.


    • Avid C|24 control surface with Avid HD|2 DAW – 16 microphone inputs
    • Neumann KH 120 Monitors
    • Apple Mac Pro
    • Pearl Drum kit
    • Complete hand percussion setup
    • Steinway Grand Piano
    • Full compliment of world-class microphones
    • Guitar and bass backline
    • Furman HD Cue System

    Studio B: The Annex


    This studio is used primarily for music mixing, audio for video post-production, and overdubbing.


    • Avid D-Command control surface with Avid HDx DAW
    • Digidesign 8-channel microphone preamp
    • Neumann KH O410 Monitors
    • 12 Avid Native workstations with Apple Mac Pros, Omni interfaces, and Euphonix Artist Mix control surfaces.
    • Digital link from all workstations to the master station
    • Adjacent overdub/ISO room
    • Baldwin Grand Piano
    • Pearl ePro Drum kit
    • Guitar backline
    • Furman HD Cue System
    • Essential microphone collection with full access to main collection in Studio A
    • Top-end Analog processing gear such as; Crane Song, Buzz Audio, and Foote

    Studio C: SPC Radio Broadcast Center

    This studio is used primarily for broadcast production and programming.


    • Avid Native workstation with HD Interface and Euphonix Artist Mix control surface
    • Neumann KH 120 Monitors
    • Focusrite Octopre
    • Full complement of broadcast recording microphones
    • Recording room capable of recording at least six on-air personalities at once.
    • Aphex Cue system

    Three Computer Labs

    • 31 Mac Pro or iMac computers
    • 12 PC’s for Finale and film score production with programming keyboards, sound and projection
    • Pro Tools software

    Dedicated Rehearsal Spaces

    MIRA has two large dedicated rehearsal spaces for ensembles to prepare for concerts and learn new material. These spaces have drums, backline, and PA setups strictly for the ensembles to use.

  • For more information about our program, call 727-341-7984.
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