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Why hire an SPC intern?

SPC students are trained to fit your organizational needs and structure. Let us help you find the talent you need. Find out how it works.

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Designed to build your workforce.

When you offer an internship to an SPC student, it not only provides an opportunity to develop well-prepared new talent for your organization, but also develops a partnership with SPC which satisfies organizational community involvement goals and allows access to qualified potential employees. Other benefits include:

  • A continuous source of specifically trained and talented help
  • Mature, highly motivated and career-focused employees
  • Positive contributions to your company's recruiting efforts and image
  • Enthusiastic people who provide new ideas and viewpoints

What is an internship?

An internship at St. Petersburg College is supervised, practical learning experience in the workplace that offers the student an opportunity to apply, connect, and extend academic theory and competencies to build professional skills and networks.