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Designed With Cost In Mind


SPC study abroad programs have been designed with cost in mind to enable as many students as possible to participate. We provide a spreadsheet for each trip that will automatically calculate your estimated costs. Trip costs will differ for each student depending on the prices entered for items that are variable (airfare) or optional. Trip costs include:

  • Application fee
    The non-refundable SPC application fee of $200 must be paid within 5 business days from application date. Your application will not be processed until your $200 payment is submitted.
  • SPC Tuition and Fees
    To participate in SPC study abroad, you must enroll for credit in an approved study abroad course.  Regular SPC tuition and fee payment deadlines apply.
  • Program host fees
    Some of our programs are designed around destination host packages – lodging, meals, instruction, etc.  In most cases, you will have an individual arrangement with the host vendor(s) and will make payment directly to them. These costs are included in the trip cost spreadsheet.
  • Transportation
    While some trips require that we book group travel, others require the student to make their own travel arrangements. You can lower your costs by using frequent flyer miles or other rewards programs. These costs are estimated in the trip cost spreadsheet.

Need Financial Aid Help?

Students enrolled in an approved Study Abroad program can be reviewed for financial aid eligibility. Please contact a Financial Assistance Services counselor 2-3 months in advance of your travel plans. Because several of the cost items for each trip are optional or variable, your cost may differ from the examples shown on this Web site. For instance, one student found round-trip airfare to Ecuador that was $500 less than our estimates. So please explore all your options. We hope to include as many of you as possible on these trips.

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