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Why Study Abroad?


Studying in a foreign country is one of the most important experiences today’s students will have.  Not only does studying abroad allow for great personal growth by changing perspective and inviting tolerance for different cultures and peoples, studying abroad provides students with the necessary skills to be competent global citizens in the 21st century.

Studying abroad also has tangible economic and academic impact.  Current research indicates that there is a positive link between study abroad and retention/graduation rates – in short those who study abroad stay in school and tend to graduate at a swifter speed than those who do not.  Studying abroad also jump-starts a career by boosting a student’s resume and improving employment prospects and marketability in a growing competitive market.  Finally, there is literature that indicates that the first study abroad experience of a student promotes substantial intellectual growth that lasts a life time. 

As Mark Twain once famously quipped, "travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” Travel does indeed broaden the mind and studying abroad is the finest way to do this!

What are the top 5 reasons to study abroad with SPC?

  1. Understand and appreciate other cultures
    You will be immersed in a different culture, enriching your personal and professional future.
  2. Gain a global education
    By experiencing the environment of a new culture on a daily basis, you will gain a tangible sense of how other people live and work.
  3. Learn a foreign language
    New languages come alive when you immerse yourself in the environment.
  4. Enhance your professional opportunities
    Future employers recognize the value of the intercultural communication skills you will have gained by studying abroad, which are important in today’s global economy.
  5. Earn academic credit
    Expand your horizons, meet interesting people, sample exotic foods and enjoy the sights while you earn college credit.