Apply Step-By-Step


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  1.  Go to the Veteran's Online Application website (VONAPP) and fill out the application. After submitting the application electronically to the VA, print out a copy and turn it in to the Veteran Services Office (VSO) on your home campus. Once you have received your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA, turn in a copy of this to your home campus VSO as well.
  2. Fill out an SPC application online and pay your application fee.
  3. The application also requires 2 proofs of Florida Residency. The best options are:

    • Florida driver's license
    • Florida car registration
    • Florida Voter's ID

    See additional information on proof of Florida residency.

  4. Request that your academic transcripts be sent to SPC.
  5. Speak with a Veterans Services Specialist to determine if you will request your military transcripts be sent to SPC.
  6. Apply for financial assistance and/or student scholarships.
  7. Complete the New Student Orientation.
  8. Take the placement test if required at the Testing Center on the Clearwater, St. Petersburg/Gibbs, Seminole or Tarpon Springs campus.
  9. Contact an advisor for help choosing your course of study. Note: Students must be degree-seeking to be eligible for VA benefits.
  10. Register and pay for classes online via MySPC. See registration instructions. See academic calendar for registration dates.
  11. Complete the Schedule Verification form.
  12. Fill out and submit the Veteran's Application for 60-Day Deferment. Chapter 33 GI Bill recipients are required to do this each semester that they enroll. All other chapters may use this deferment once per academic year.
  13. Complete the Education Checklist for Eligible Veterans Under Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 1606 and 1607.
  14. See the Veterans Services Specialists in the Veterans Service Center at SPC. Give them a copy of your letter of eligibility.
  15. Get your student ID card from your campus security office.

Change in definition of blended course effective Fall 2013

The VA considers the following definition for a blended course: 50 minutes per credit hour must be in lecture format to be certified as “resident” credit hours to the VA for BAH purposes.

For example:
3 credit hours * 50 =150
Therefore, must be 150 minutes in lecture to be certified as resident