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Seminole Community Library's Guide to
History and Genealogy Resources on the Web

909 World History

Best of History Websites
Historical Text Archive
The Avalon Project Documents in Law, History & Diplomacy
World History by History Link 101
Internet History Sourcebooks
World History Compass
Hyper History Online
Guns, Germs & Steel
Insects, Disease & History
Timelines of History
History Channel
Voice of the Shuttle History Guide
World History Sources
up World History Archives

929 Genealogy

AncestryLibrary Subscription Database. Available only in the library!
National Archives Genealogists/Family Historians
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
U.S. Genweb Project
Resources & Tools for Irish Americans
Florida Genealogy Project
United States Resources Florida
Acadian Genealogy
AfriGeneas African Ancestored Genealogy
American-French Genealogical Society
Ellis Island Immigrant Wall of Honor
Ancestral Findings
Ancestor Search
Cemeteries & Cemetery Records
Cemetery Junction
Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals
Irish Roots
Mayflower History
National Obituary Archive
Obituary Daily Times
Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records
Popular Baby Names  Learning Center
Social Security Death Index
Surname Genealogy Search
UK & Ireland Genealogy
Where to Write For Vital Records
The WorldGenWeb Project
Canadian Genealogy Centre
Census Finder: Directory of Free Census Records
Census Tools
City Directories of the United States
Family Search
Genealogy Databases
The Olive Tree Genealogy

930 Ancient History

The Ancient Egypt Site
Antique Roman Recipes
Scrolls from the Dead Sea
Diotima Women & Gender  in the Ancient World
Oriental Institute Museum
Perseus Digital Library
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
LacusCurtius A Gateway to the Roman World
Ancient Egypt The British Museum
Christian Catacombs of Rome
Collapse Why Do Civilizations Fall?

960 African History

The Story of Africa
Africa South of the Sahara
Index on Africa
A Country Study Egypt
A Country Study Sudan
A Country Ethiopia
A Country Study Nigeria
Final Report South Africa's Truth and Reconcilation Commission
A Country Study South Africa
University of Pennsylvania Africa Studies Center
African History
The French in West Africa
Ghana A Country Study
Nigerian Civil War, Causes, Strategies and Lessons Learnt
A Country Study Somalia
African Human Rights Resource Center
Search for Country Study by Continent--Africa
African Studies Center K-12 Resources
The Living Atlas Africa
The Creation of Tribalism in South Africa -ebook
African Biography on the Internet
History of Africa as a whole
up Leave None to tell the Story - Genocide in Rwanda

970.01 Native American History

Native American Nations
Curtis Collections Art Gallery Native American Photographs
Indian Affairs Laws & Treaties
Campfire Stories with George Catlin: An Encounter of Two Cultures
National Museum of the American Indian
Museum of the American Indian: Living Voices
Chief Joseph & The Nez Perce Indians
Sacagawea Her Life and Death
Chief Seattle
Crazy Horse
Red Cloud
Sitting Bull
American Memory Edward S. Curtis North American Indian
Outline of Native American History
First Nations Histories
Native American Constitutions and Laws
Treaties between the United States and Native Americans
World History Archive History of Native America
Anasazi Indians
Chaco Canyon
Children of Changing Woman
Cherokee Nation
Constitution of the Iroquois
Iroquois Confederacy Links
Iroquois Information Links
The Seminole Tribe of Florida
up Wampum Chronicles  Mohawk Territory on the Internet

971 Canadian History

Library and Archives of Canada
Historical Atlas of Canada
Atlas of Canada
Canadian Studies a guide to the sources
Association for Canadian Studies
Canada's First Nations
The Virtual Museum of New France
1815 Diary of Nova Scotia Farm Girl
National Historic Sites of Canada
Early Canadiana Online
Canadian Confederation
Canadian Heritage Gallery
The Canadian West
CBC Archives
Historical Statistics of Canada
Images Canada
The Jesuit Relations & Allied Documents 1610-1791
Our Roots Canada's Local History Online
up The Peopling of Canada

972 Mexican History

Mesoweb An Exploration of MesoAmerican Cultures
Lords of the Earth
Fall of the Aztecs
Historical Text Archive Mexico
Mexico Connect Time Line
Maya Civilization Past and Present
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
U.S.- Mexican War
Mexican Revolution of 1910
History of Mexico--The Revolution A Nation in Flux
up Library of Congress Mexican History Pathfinder

972.8 Central American History

Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
The Ancient Maya
The Maya Adventure
The Mesoamerican Ball Game
Guatemala Memory of Silence
Belize a Country Study
El Salvador a County Study
Honduras a Country Study
A Country Study Nicaragua
up A Country Study Panama
World History Archives -- History of Central America

972.9 Caribbean History

A Country Study The Domincan Republic
A Country Haiti
Country Study Commonwealth of Carribbean Islands

973 United States History

Library of Congress American Memory
Library of Congress Teacher Resources
Library of Congress Primary Documents of American History
Digital History
Freedom: A History of US
A Biography of America
The National Archives
Historical Census Browser
American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Making of America: digital library of primary sources on American Social History from the Antebellum era to Reconstruction
A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents
up Harvard Classics American Historical Documents

973.2-973.5 Colonial, Revolutionary & early Republic

Virtual Jamestown
The George Washington Papers
The Thomas Jefferson Papers
The American Revolution
The Founders Constitution
The Ethnography of Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark a Ken Burns Documentary
Lewis & Clark Mapping the West
Rivers Edens, Empires Lewis & Clark and the Revealing of America
The Dolley Madison Project
A Century of Law Making for a New Nation
Papers of Benjamin Franklin
Founders Online
Online Library of Liberty: The American Revolution & Constitution
The War of 1812

973.7 Civil War Abraham Lincoln Digitization Project
Territorial Kansas 1854-1861
The Abraham Lincoln Papers
American Civil War Homepage
From Revolution to Reconstruction
Crisis of the Union
The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War
The War of Rebellion: A Compilation of the official records of the union and Confederate Armies up

973.8-973.9 From 1865 to the Present

Crucible of Fire--The Spanish American War
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement 1850-1920
Progressive Era to the New Era
Theodore Roosevelt Center
The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
"Not for Ourselves Alone"
"Votes for Women"
The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy
The New Deal Network
American Experience Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum
America from the Great Depression to World War II --Documentary Photographs
Dictionary of American Fighting Ships
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A history of American Sweatshops 1820 to the present
Harry S. Truman Library
The Cold War Files
The Cold War International History Project
CONELRAD — All Things Atomic
Cold War
Eisenhower Presidential Library
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
Battlefield Vietnam
The Vietnam Project
The Wars for Vietnam
The Nixon Library
Nixon Visit to China
The National Security Archive
The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library
American President an online reference: Gerald R. Ford
The Hostage Rescue Attempt In Iran
Remembering the Hostage Crisis
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
American President an online reference: Jimmy Carter
American President an online reference: Ronald Reagan
The Iran Contra-Affair
Reagan Presidential Library
American President an online reference: George H.W. Bush
The Whirlwind War: U.S Army Operations in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
The Gulf War 1990-1991
American President an online reference: Bill Clinton
Clinton Impeachment
American President an online reference: George Walker Bush
Bush v. Gore
The 9-11 Commission Report
Iraq War
Websites on the Iraq War
Iraq Study Group Report
Historical Text Archive United States 1946-2000
Historical Text Archive United States 2001 -
American President Barrack Obama
The Financial Crisis

973.049673 African American History

North American Slave Narratives
African-American Military History
Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo Soldiers on the Western Frontier
Black History Month
Slavery and the making of America
Slaves in the Courts
The African American Mosaic: Abolition
Born in Slavery:  Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project
Death or Liberty: Gabriel, Nat Turner and John Brown
The Dred Scott Case
"I Will Be Heard!" Abolitionism in America
Aboard the Underground Railroad
Emancipation Proclamation
Frederick Douglass Papers
"Been Here So Long" WPA Slave Narratives
Voices from the Days of Slavery
African-American Perspectives
African-American Women
Africans in America
African American Web Connection
The African-American Mosaic
African American Odyssey: The Quest for Full Citizenship.
Lynching in America: statistics, information, images
The Negro Holocaust: Lynching and Race Riots in the United States 1880-1950
Duluth Lynchings Online Resource
The History of Jim Crow
Remembering Jim Crow
Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
Remembering Rosewood
A Documented History of the event which occurred at Roseville Florida In January 1923
The Harlem Renaissance
Rhapsodies in Black Art of the Harlem Renaissance
Brown@50  (Brown v. Board of Education)
"Mississippi Burning Trial"
"Freedom Summer"- Civil Rights in Mississippi
“I have a dream.”
President Lyndon B. Johnson’s  “We Shall Overcome” Address
The Voting Rights Act
Kerner Commission Report
Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute
Struggle for Civil Rights

980 History of South America

Latin America Information Network
Latin American Country Studies
History of Brazil
Brazil: A Country Study
Introduction to Chile
Bolivia: A Country Study
Chile: A Country Study
Columbia: A Country Study
Ecuador: A Country Study
Guyana: A Country Study
Paraguay: A Country Study
Peru: A Country Study
Uruguay: A Country Study
Venezuela: A Country Study
The Vanished Gallery
Argentina's Dirty War (National Security Archive)
1964 Military Coup in Brazil (National Security Archive)
up Chile and the United States: Declassified Documents Relating to the Military Coup 1970-76

990 History of Australia, Oceana & Polar Regions

WWW-VL History Australia
Australia-Japan Research Project
National Library of Australia
Government of Australia Culture & Recreation Portal
European Discovery & Settlement of Australia
The World Upside Down Australia  1788-1830
Documenting a  Democracy 110 Key Document for the founding of Australia
Project Gutenberg of Australia E-Books on Australian History
South Seas: Voyages & Cross Cultural  Encounters in the Pacific 1760-1800
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
New Zealand History Online
Arctic Circle History & Culture
The Endurance
up Alexandria Digital Library Antarctica

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