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Seminole Community Library Guide to
Science Resources on the Web

500 General Resources

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Dictionary of Science and Technology
SciTech Daily
Automated E-print Archive
E-Print Network

507.8 Science Projects

Internet Public Library Science Fair Project Guide

509 Biographies

MacTutor Biographies of Mathematicians
SACNAS Biography Project
Galileo Project

520 Astronomy

Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer at Cornell
Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy
History of Astronomy
Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Windows to the Universe
The Astronomy Cafe
Welcome to the Planets
The Nine Planets
Planetary Fact Sheet
The Planetary Society
Great Images In NASA
up Hubble Telescope Site

530 Physics

American Physical Society
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Contributions of 20th Century Women To Physics
The Institute of Physics
up Albert Einstein Online

540 Chemistry

Chemguide: Helping You Understand Chemistry
Creative Chemistry
General Chemistry Case Studies
Periodic Table of the Elements
The Catalyst Resources for Secondary School Chemistry Teachers
ChemiCool Periodic Table
Chemicals in the Environment (EPA/OPPT)
General Chemistry Online
Chemical Information Sources Web site of the American Chemical Society
Links for Chemists
up Periodic Tables

549 Rocks and Minerals

Atlas of Rocks & Minerals
Mineral Gallery
Mineralogy Database
Alphabetical Mineral Reference

550 Earth Sciences

United States Geological Survey
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Earth Science World
Earth Observatory
For Kids Only Earth Science
Explore the World of Earth Science
up NASA Destination Earth

551.21 Volcanoes

The Electronic Volcano
Volcano World
Global Volcanism Project
Michigan Tech's Volcano Page
Earth's Active Volcanoes
Mount St. Helen's National Volcanic Monument
How Volcanoes Work
Volcano Information Center
up United States Geological Survey Volcanoes
United States Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program

551.22 Earthquakes

Earthquake Hazard's Program Northern California
Images of Historical Earthquakes
National Earthquake Information Center
Tsunamis and Earthquakes
British Geological Survey Earthquakes
Seismological Society of America

551.5 Weather

Wild Weather Page
Tornado Project
Pew Center for Global Climate Change
Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change
WINDandSEA: The Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Guide
Woods Hole Understanding Climate Change a Primer
Extreme Weather Sourcebook
Weather 101
Resources in Atmospheric Science

551.552 Hurricanes

National Hurricane Center
Learn About Hurricanes
Historical Hurricane Tracks
up Poynter Institute Hurricane Resources

560 Paleontology

Paleontology without Walls
Learning from the Fossil Record
Strange Science the Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology
University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology
Florida Museum of Natural History
up The Paleontology Portal

567.9 Dinosaurs

The Dinosauria: Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Dinobuzz: Current Topics Concerning Dinosaurs
up DinoDiscovery

569.9 Prehistoric Peoples

The Life and Times of Early Man
Stone Age Reference Collection
Reflections on Prehistory
The Prehistoric Society
up Prehistoric Man from History 101

570 Life Sciences

Gene Almanac
The Tree of Life Web Project
National Center Biotechnology Information
National Biological Information Infrastructure
All the Virology on the Web
Biozone Bio Links Online Databases
The Biology Project
The Biology Browser
up Kimball's Biology Pages
Masters in Biotechnology

576 Evolution

Understanding Evolution
Alfred Russel Wallace Home Page
National Center for Science Education
Talk Origins Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
Charles Darwin's Origin of Species
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
up Issues in Evolution

577 Ecology

Envirolink - Ecosystems
Major Biomes of the World
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
National Library for the Environment
Bill Moyer's Earth on the Edge - Ecosystems
Biomes of the World
Biomes & Ecozone A Research Guide for Students
Earth Floor Biomes
World Biomes
Exploring Ecosystems
All About Nature Biomes - Habitats
up World Wildlife Fund Ecoregions
Ecology WWW Page

577.34 Rain Forests

Rainforest Action Network
Australian Rainforest Wild Life
Virtual Rainforest online tour
Journey into Amazonia
Amazon Interactive
Rainforest Alliance

577.7 Marine Biology

National Oceanographic Data Center
Oceanic the Ocean Information Center
The Ocean Planet
The Oceanic Society
NOAA's Aquarius - The World's Only Undersea Research Station
Reef Education Network
ReefBase A Global Information System on Coral Reefs
Reef Check
up NOAA's Coral Reef Information Center (CoRIS)

580 Botany

The Virtual Library of Botany
Internet Directory of Botany
Introduction to Plantae
Carnivorous Plant Database
Florida Plants Online
Plants Database
Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection
Botany Encyclopedia
GardenWeb Glossary
International Plant Names Index
Plant Physiology Information Website
Kew Gardens (Royal Botanic Garden)
up The United States National Arboretum

590 Zoology

Introduction to the Metazoa
Animal Diversity Web
SeaWorld/Busch Animal Information
North American Mammals
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Zoology Glossary
up The National Zoo

591.68 Endangered Species

Endangered Species
Endangered Species: A SeaWorld Educational Resource
Bagheera: A Website for Endangered Species
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
World Wildlife Federation Endangered Species
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
Animal Information on Endangered Mammals
Center for Biological Diversity
Giant Pandas
International Rhino Foundation
Kid's Planet
National Key Deer Refuge
National Wildlife Federation
Orangutan Foundation
Cat Specialist Group
up Tiger Foundation

594 Seashells
Seashell Collector. com
World Wide
The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
up Conchologists of America

595.7 Insects

Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery
BioSystematic Database of World Diptera
Florida Insect Management Guide
Insect Problems(Florida Lawn Handbooks)
Insecta (Taxonomic Order)
Insects Home Page
up Katerpillars(& Mystery Bugs)

597 Fish

FishBase a Global Information System on Fishes
FINS, Fish Information Service
Marine Biology Web
The Cephalopod Page
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Oceanic Research Group

597.9 Reptiles & Amphibians

The EMBL Reptile Database
Guide to Florida's Venomous Snakes
Online Guide to Snakes in Florida
Crocodilians: Natural History & Conservation
Amphibia Web
National Wildlife Federation E-Nature Reptiles & Amphibians
Turtle Trax
The Froggy Page
The World Chelonian Trust
up Venomous

598 Birds

Electronic Resources on Ornithology
All About Birds
American Birding Association
Birdlife International
Introduction to the Aves
Avibase The World Bird Databases
Ornithology: The Science of Birds
Western Atlantic Shorebird Association
American Bald Eagle Information
International Crane Foundation
up Ravens (PBS Nature)

599 Mammals

The Hall of Mammals
Kenneth E. Behering Family Hall of Mammals
E-Nature Mammals
Jane Goodall Institute
Primate Info Net
up Florida Panther Society

599.5 Marine Mammals

Save the Manatee Club
The Marine Mammal Center
Bottlenose Dolphins
Harbor Seals
National Marine Mammal Laboratory

599.938 Human Genetics & Evolution

Becoming Human
Smithsonian's Human Origins Program
The Leakey Foundation
A Look at Modern Human Origins
Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
National Human Genome Research Institute
A Brief History of the Human Genome Project
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