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Seminole Library's Directory of
Online Resources for Religion

200 Religion General

Internet Resources for Study & Teaching of Theology
American Academy of Religion
WWW Virtual Library Religion
Hartford Institute for Religious Research

210 Philosophy & Theory of Religion

Philosphy of Religion -- an overview
About.Com links on Agnosticism & Atheism
Atheist Alliance
Philosophy of Religion -- articles
Society of the Scientific Study of Religion

220 Bible

The Whole Bible
All in One Biblical Resources Search
Bible Study Tools
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible
Bible, King James Version
Navigating the Bible II; for bar & bat mitzvah students
New Testament Gateway
Online Parallel Bible
World Wide Study Bible
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon
up Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism

230 Christianity

Facets of Religion - Christianity
Omnilist Christian Super Sites and Web Directories
Internet Christian Library
Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture
Christian Iconography

231.765 Creationism

Creation SuperLibrary
Discovery Institute
Faith and Reason-Evolution

238 Christian Creeds

Creeds of Christendom
Creeds and Confessions

242 Christian Writings

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Internet Sacred Texts-Christianity

246 Christian Art

Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture
Vatican Museums

248 Christian Life

Facets of Religion - Christian Life
Christianity Today
A Christian Think Tank

252 Sermons

Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards
Sermons on Gospel Texts by Charles G. Finney

253 Pastorial Office & Work - The Ministry

260 Christian Social Theology
Focus on the Family
Social Developement and World Peace

270 History of Christianity

Biographical sketches of memorable Christians of the past
The Hall of Church History
From Jesus to Christ
Catholic Saints Online
List of Popes
Church Councils
Writings of the Fathers of the Church
Ancient and Medieval Writings on Church History
up The Gnosis Archive

280 Christian Denominations
Orthodox Church In America
Ecumenical and Denominational Links
Presbyterian Church USA
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Unitarian Universalist
World Council of Churches
The United Reformed Church
The Methodist Church
Southern Baptist Convention
The Episcopal Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Assemblies of God
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of Christ, Scientist
Church of Latter Day Saints (official internet site)
up Seventh Day Adventist

290 Comparative Religion

Encyclopedia Mythica
Facets of Religion
Religion Movements Homepage
Religious Group Profiles
Viritual Religion Index
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
World Religions Adherents
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Religous Worlds
Religion on the Web
Center for the Studies of New Religion
Online Texts about cults and new religions
World Scripture A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts
World Myths & Legends in Art
Resources on Joseph Campbell
up Foundation for Mythological Studies

292 Greek & Roman Mythology

Greek Mythology
The Perseus Digital Library

293 Norse & Celtic Mythology

Germanic Mythology
Norse Mythology
King Arthur

294.3 Buddhism

Access to Insight Readings on Theravada Buddhism
Buddha & Buddhism (extract from book)
Glossary of Pali & Buddhist Terms
Buddhist Art and Architecture
Buddhist Ceremonies
Central Tibet Administration (government in exile)
WWW Virtual Library Zen Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism
Buddhist Art (Exhibit)

294.4 Jainism

Jain Students Group at the University of Michigan
Jainism for All
Jain Principles Traditions and Practices
up Jainworld

294.5 Hinduism

Manas: Religions of India
Hindu Philosophy
Hinduism Links

294.6 Sikhism

Sikhism Home Page
Essays on Sikhism

295 Zoroastrianism

Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives
World Zorastrian Organization
Zarathushtrian Assembly

296 Judaism

Judaism & Jewish Resources
Judaism 101
Reform Judaism
Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Shamash--The Jewish Network
up The Jewish Virtual Library
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Jewish Reconstructionist Communities
The Babylonian Talmud (Partial)
The Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary
Jewish Bible (“Tanakh”)

297 Islam

Introduction to Islam
Resources for Studying Islam
The Islamic Interlink
A Sh'ite Encyclopedia
Islam 101
The Qur’an
The International Association of Sufism
What is Sufism
The Threshold Society
The Islamic World to 1600
Islamic Resources

297.93 Bahai

The Baha'i World
Baha’i Library Online
The Hidden Words

299 Other Religions (Wicca)

The Church and School of Wicca
Covenant of the Goddess
The Withces Voice
Basic Principles and Concepts of Wicca

299.16 Druids Celtic

The Druid Grove

299.512 Confucianism

Confucian Documents
Essentials Readings on Chinese Philosophy

299.514 Taoism

Daoism Depot
Taoism Information Page

299.561 Shinto

Shinto Sacred Texts
The Encyclopedia of Shinto

299.73 Native American Religions

Native American Spirituality
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