Seminole Community Library at St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus

Barnes and Noble Bookstore (LI 103)
Located on the first floor, this space offers: textbooks, college apparel and other merchandise.

Art Gallery (LI 107)
Rotating exhibits will be displayed in an on-site gallery

Friends of the Library Store (LI 100A)
Used books, magazines and other merchandise will be for sale. Proceeds will be used for future library developments.

Window Wall
A two-story, glass wall with a panoramic view of the ponds and trees on the Seminole Campus

Books, Periodicals, & Multimedia
Latest bestsellers, videos, CDs, DVDS are housed on the first floor; periodicals, reference and other book stacks on the second floor.

St. Petersburg College issues student ID cards that can also be used as library cards. Students are financially responsible for all items borrowed on their ID card.

library first floor 113 115 A 117 119

library secod floor 203 219