History of Seminole Campus

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1970 Image July 1970 - Undeveloped land considered
Undeveloped Land April 1971 - Undeveloped land purchased
Undeveloped land April 1971 - Undeveloped land purchased
Sign for future site of SPJC Semniole Campus Sign for future site
Pow Wow Steel Drum Band 1997 Pow Wow
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony July 1997 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Groundbreaking Ceremony September 3, 1997 Groundbreaking Ceremony
Child sitting in front of computer 1997 - Lucas George Lee Bibelhauser awarded Seminole Debut Scholarship
Collage of students Fall Semester 1998 - First classes are held on Seminole Campus

August 10, 1967
President Michael M. Bennett presides as the first Site Selection Committee convenes; with Paul Goodroe of St. Petersburg elected as committee chairman; 21 sites are under consideration. Other members are William Nodine of Clearwater, Jesse W. Johnson of Seminole, James E. Hendry (trustee) of St. Petersburg and William H. Williams of Clearwater.

July 1970
Sites are narrowed to two for further consideration.

April 19, 1971
Land purchased from Charles and Mildred Kramer under threat of condemnation. "A campus is contemplated."

April 20, 1971
Acreage leased back to the Kramers "until such time as the property is needed for school purposes."

June 1975
Seminole Campus Master Plan is completed by Ferendino, Grafton, Spills & Candella in response to Trustees request. (Authorizing Board included W. Richard Johnston as chairman, members Philip Benjamin, William Gilkey, Beatrice Lewis, Reina Pollack; president Michael Bennett.

April 1985
Kramer Family seeks to extend lease and repurchase the land. (College argues it needs the land soon "for school purposes.")

September 1, 1985
Kramer lease is terminated.

April 1986
City of Seminole Annexes the land, the college having indicated its long-range plans for use of the property as a campus.

June 20, 1989
In a letter to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser discussing the use of the land the college says its "intent was (and is now) to develop a college campus."

August 11, 1989
In a representation to the Pinellas County Board of Adjustment, the college restates its intent to develop a college campus.

October 1991
District Board of Trustees authorizes administration to seek designation of the Seminole site as a Campus.

November 8, 1991
State Board of Community Colleges approves SPJC's Seminole site as a Campus, forwards to Postsecondary Education Planning Commission for review.

February 13, 1992
Postsecondary Education Planning Commission approves SPJC's Seminole site as a Campus with commendation for its planning.

June 16, 1992
District Board of Trustees approves SPJC "Capital Improvement Program" projects list for submission to the State Board of Community Colleges, including a request for $1.5-million in 1993-94 fiscal year to plan for Seminole Campus. Board agrees to schedule a workshop on Seminole site development.

July 10, 1992
State Board of Community Colleges approves three-year capital projects list including $1.5-million for planning for SPJC's Seminole site in the 1993-94 fiscal year.

July 21, 1992
District Board of Trustees has workshop on Seminole Campus.

August 25, 1992
Trustees authorized "the phased development of the Seminole Campus."

January 1993
First state funds appropriated ($650,000) for planning of Seminole Campus, includes site development studies.

June 1994
$5.2-million appropriated for development of Phase I of Seminole Campus.

June 1995
$650,000 appropriated by Legislature.

November 1995
Trustees approve Master Plan for development of Seminole Campus; concerns voiced on operating costs.

February 1996
Delay directed awaiting possible policy or funding actions of the Legislature.

June 1996
Workshop summarizing status of project.

October 25, 1996
Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Meeting; Master plan for Seminole review.

November 13, 1996
Initial meeting of the Seminole Library Resources Committee.

March 22, 1997
Seminole Pow Wow participation.

April 18, 1997
SPJC District Board endorses Final Construction Documents.

July 1997
Ribbon cutting ceremony celebrates the partnership between the St. Petersburg Junior College and Seminole Mall. At least 100 people gathered to hear the SPJC Jazz Band and the overview of what is to come.

September 3, 1997
Groundbreaking Ceremony for the future home of the SPJC Seminole Campus.

September 3, 1997
SPJC's Seminole Debut Scholarship awarded to Lucas George Lee Bibelhauser. Scholarship was awarded to the baby born closest to the time of the groundbreaking ceremony.

August 1998
Fall Semester begins - first classes are held on new Campus.

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