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Patrick Filson
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Senior Security Officer
Jonathan Javier

Phone numbers

  • Security Dispatch (727) 791-2560
  • During business hours on campus, you can call the Provost's Office at (727) 394-6000.
  • Parking Information

Campus Security and Parking

Campus Security on the Seminole Campus is offered for the following:

  • Emergency Location of a Student or Staff Member: If you have an emergency and need to get in touch with someone on campus call Security and they will try to locate the person for you.
  • Other Services: Jumpstart car battery, report an accident or injury on campus, report a theft or disturbance on campus, escort to your vehicle. Note: We can not assist with flat tires.
  • Driving On Campus: The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour and speeders may be ticketed. Any individual who operates a vehicle in a manner that might endanger the life and/or property of another while on campus is in violation of the SPC Parking & Traffic Regulations, and is subject to a fine and/or disciplinary action. Visitors and handicapped parking is available.
  • Canvassing Policy: Seminole Campus Canvassing Policy
  • Lost and Found: All lost items are sent to the Titan Lounge in UP 192. Items can be claimed during the lab's regular business hours with proper ID and description.
  • Remember: Children must be accompanied by adults at all times and skateboarding on campus is prohibited.

Parking Information

Student parking on the Seminole Campus is FREE. Decals are required for faculty/staff spaces and can be obtained from the Provost's Office. Parking fines will be given to vehicles illegally parked in spaces designated for handicapped, visitors, motorcycles or faculty/staff.

If any vehicle is to be left overnight on campus for any reason, campus security should be notified immediately at (727) 791-2560. The College assumes no responsibility or liability for theft or damages occurring to vehicles or other personal property while on college property.