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  • Students practice their skills in classStudents practice their skills in classSilent titans Club MeetingFaculty demonstrate proper techniqueStudents practice their skills in classFaculty demonstrate proper techniqueStudent interprets during Silent Titans Club MeetingStudent interprets during Silent Titans Club MeetingStudents practice their skills in classAmerican Sign Language LabStudents at Kendall Demonstration School, Gallaudet UniversityStudents at Gallaudet University
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Sign Language Interpretation

  • Develop skills to become an interpreter

  • Associate in Science DegreeOur A.S. in Sign Language Interpretation provides students with sign language skills, an understanding of deaf culture, knowledge of the interpreter's role and skill development to prepare students to apprentice to get started in the profession of sign language interpreting.

    St. Petersburg College offers one of the most well respected Sign Language Interpretation training programs in the United States. SPC instructors are certified by the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) and/or the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

  • Earn an A.S. Degree

  • Students who successfully complete the 72-credit-hour program in interpreter training at St. Petersburg College will earn an Associate in Science in Sign Language Interpretation.

    Associate degree to bachelor's degree 

    ImportantAs of 2012, a bachelor’s degree in any area is required before taking the National RID/NIC testing. Contact an academic advisor to discuss additional classes need to earn an A.A. degree that transfers into a bachelor’s program.

    Certification opportunities

    1. SPC’s program prepares students for the Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Quality Assurance screening, a pre-certification test used to evaluate skills of apprentice interpreters. Qualified apprentice interpreters can work and gain experience in limited situations.
    2. The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) facilitates professional certification for interpreters for the deaf or hard of hearing including National Interpreter Certification (NIC). Learn more about NIC certification and exam eligibility requirements.
  • Classes

    American Sign Language and Interpreting classes can be taken as part of our Sign Language Interpretation A.S. degree program and can help satisfy elective requirements for the Association in Arts degree. View current class offerings for:

    Sign language classes for foreign language credit

    • A.S. degree-seeking students
      American Sign Language classes will not satisfy A.S. degree general education requirements for enhanced worldview.
    • Bachelor’s degree-seeking students
      Students seeking a bachelor’s degree must complete two consecutive years of foreign language either in high school or prior to college graduation. American Sign Language classes can be taken to complete this requirement at SPC. (Check with your transfer institution to verify their policy for foreign language credits.) If you earned an accredited A.A. or bachelor degree prior to September 1, 1989, you are exempt from the foreign language requirement.
  • Prepare for a career as an interpreter

  • With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the need for skilled, qualified interpreters for the deaf continues to grow. Salaries vary based upon certification level, competency, experience, location and employer. Tampa Bay area has the fifth largest deaf population in the country. Certified Interpreters are hired to work for business, education, community organizations, medical facilities, government, law enforcement and more.

    Students participate in an intense practicum and internship at SPC and other sites in the community, which provide firsthand experience in the interpreting field.

    Get details on apprenticeship and national certification.

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  • Latest News

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    Sign Language Interpreting Program graduates once again visited Gallaudet University in Washington in October. Read more.

    Sign language student follows her heart #SPCinspires

    When Holli Tempe was child, she loved to watch Linda Bove, the deaf actress who played Linda the Librarian on the PBS children’s show Sesame Street. She was fascinated when Bove would pop up in a little interpreting bubble during the show. Years later, when Tempe started her studies at St. Read more.